Food & Beverage

Food and beverage services sector contributes a great deal to the profits in hospitality industry. With the increase in importance of business meetings, a range of personal and social events, a large number of customers visit catering establishments frequently. The food and beverage professionals tirelessly work to intensify customers’ experience through their service.

The F&B Services providing businesses deliver food and beverages to their customers at a particular location (on-premise) such as hotel, restaurant, or at the customer’s intended premises (off-premise).


Confectionery Factory Zhytomyr Laskoschi - a manufacturer of natural confectionery products. The factory has been operating since 1944. The total production capacity is more than 80 thousand tons per year, while the factory is actively increasing production capacity. Today, there are 28 lines in 7 workshops, which produce boxed candies, chocolate bars, glazed and unglazed candies, chocolates-snacks, chocolate-waffle candies, cookies, waffles, fudge, cereal bars, yoghurt-grain desserts and products sugarless.
Zhytomyr Lasoshchi is a producer of natural confectionery.
Product quality is confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. The control system of quality certified to the internashional standart ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000. Production Zhytomyr Lasoshchi is certified by the Customs Union, also received a certificate Halal.

About our Partner Tchaba Tea

Building on the essence of the Japanese tea ceremony while paying homage to our Arabian roots, Tchaba, literally meaning Tea Leaves in Japanese, curates signature blends cultivated from the finest handpicked tea leaves and infused with herbs, spices and essentials oils, offering a mélange of flavors guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning of palates.

Unleash your curiosity and join us on a delightful journey to discover an array of captivating aromas and blends that will transform the casual tea drinker in you into a genuine tea lover. Sip by Sip