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About our Partner ANTONOV

ANTONOV Company was founded on May 31, 1946. The enterprise was headed by eminent aircraft designer Oleg Antonov. During this time more than one hundred types and modifications of passenger, transport and special purpose airplanes were designed by ANTONOV team. More than 22 000 such aircraft were constructed. Antonov aircraft set more than 500 world records. Representatives of more than 200 professions and specialties, the full staff of designers and scientists working in 35 scientific directions including such rare ones as aerodynamics and strengthen of aircraft, mechanics, hydraulics, heat engineering, avionics, material science, work at the company today.


About our Partner Ilyushin

The Ilyushin Il-76 (Russian: Илью́шин Ил-76; NATO reporting name: Candid) is a multi-purpose, fixed-wing, four-engine turbofan strategic airlifter designed by the Soviet Union's Ilyushin design bureau as a commercial freighter in 1967, to replace the Antonov An-12. It was developed to deliver heavy machinery to remote, poorly served areas. Military versions of the Il-76 have been widely used in Europe, Asia and Africa, including use as an aerial refueling tanker or command center.


About our Partner AirTran

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, AirTran Airways was established in 1993 as Conquest Sun Airlines by the management of two small airlines, Destination Sun Airways and Conquest Airlines, with Conquest Airlines co-founder Victor Rivas being heavily involved in the establishment of Conquest Sun. The airline was purchased by the AirTran Corporation in 1994 and was renamed to AirTran Airways. The airline was later spun off under the new Airways Corporation holding company by the AirTran Corporation.


About our Partner Marshall Enterprises

Marshall Defense is a military and sporting good equipment supplier that delivers solutions that meet your requirements. Meeting your needs and  providing top quality service is our mission in delivering to our clients. From the most popular calibers of ammunition, firearms, defense apparel and supplies Marshall Defense stands with you. Whether you have supply channels or need it, Marshall has the ability to move your product and business forward.

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