This cable industry manufactures specialty cables tailored to the demands of the renewable industry. We offer high-quality cables recognized in the sector because of their reliability and long life.

Solar PV cables to IEC 62930, Low Smoke Halogen Free, are intended for use in photovoltaic systems at a nominal voltage rating of 1,5/1,5 kV DC. These cables are designed for the interconnection of various elements in photovoltaic systems, including panel interconnection, between panels and string boxes or from string boxes to the inverter. They are suitable for applications in/at equipment with protective insulation (Protecting Class II) and may be installed as fixed or freely suspended /movable, indoor or outdoor installation.


  • From 1C x 4mm2 to 1C x 10mm2; SnCu conductor


IEC 62930 (Electric cables for photovoltaic systems with a voltage rating of 1,5 kV DC)