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Main Distribution Board (MDB): The main distribution board is the primary distribution point for electrical power entering a building or facility. It receives power from the utility or generator and distributes it to sub-distribution boards or directly to various circuits. The MDB typically houses main circuit breakers or switch disconnectors for controlling the entire electrical supply to the building.

Sub-Distribution Board (SDB): Sub-distribution boards are secondary distribution points that receive power from the main distribution board and further distribute it to specific areas or zones within a building. SDBs are commonly installed on each floor or in different sections of a large facility. They contain circuit breakers or fuse switches to protect and control the individual circuits supplying power to lighting, sockets, equipment, and other loads in the respective areas.

Final Distribution Board (FDB): Final distribution boards, also known as consumer units, are installed within individual premises or units to distribute power to various electrical loads. FDBs are typically found in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings and provide circuit protection and control for lighting, outlets, appliances, and other electrical devices within the premises.